A new technology development in Garments, Jacket that gives you right directions as you walk

Alike smartphones, GPS, smart watches a garment industry has invented ‘navigate’ jacket, that gives and shows directions as you walk.

With the growing and expanding technology, it’s not unexpected that the world of fashion and tech are developing progressively indistinguishable. There were products like virtual dressing rooms and speedy fashion apps around for a while, electronics are now being implanted in to clothing to make day to day tasks more cost effective for the wearer.

This remarkable achievement is made by a 27 year old Australian native designer Billie Whitehouse. When she moved to her new city new York, during her exploration she noticed little things like people running into other people and many more unignorable accidents and came with an innovative solution and decided to design a piece of clothing which did solve the problem of tourists called the “Navigate Jacket”.

The vibrating sleeves of smart jacket are used to show the wearer in the right direction, i.e. where to turn and when to turn. The “Navigate jacket “is guided with an app that stores the destinations and uploads the directions to the jacket with built- in GPS system.

LED lights embedded on sleeves visualises the directions and lets the wearer know how far they are from next turn and the current stage of the journey.

“The jacket takes urban way finding to a new level allowing users to explore completely hands free,” says Wearable Experiments, the company behind the product.

This built in technology in jacket is so delicate and attracting attention and the design is appealing, according to the company which calls the jacket “a fashion garment not just a functional device”.

These smart jackets are designed to improve the quality of life.


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