An important discovery in medical sciences: Scientists develop injectable tissue bandage to repair hearts

An open-heart surgery is a kind of surgery where the chest is cut open and surgery is performed in the heart cavity, which is carried on heart muscles, valves or arteries of the heart.
Open heart surgery sometimes called as traditional heart surgery, where the 8 to10 inch cut made in the chest, then open in the breast bone, undergoing long hours of operation causing many risks than potential benefits.
Today, many new heart procedures can be performed with only small surgical cut, not wide openings. Therefore, the term “open-heart surgery” can be giving the wrong idea.”
Researchers from the University of Toronto, Canada have built up an injectable tissue bandage named as AngioChip.
AngioChip is made out of the biocompatibility, biodegradable polymer, is a tiny patch of heart tissue with its own veins and heart cells thumping with a standard musicality.
The size of AngioChip is smaller than postage stamp hence it doesn’t need deep inches cut or wide openings of the chest pit to insert it. This newly developed Chip can be inserted with the sharp needle.
It can be used to repair heart tissue damaged by a heart attack or by medical condition. Researchers have tested the patch by injecting into rat hearts and have shown that it can boost cardiac function after a heart attack.


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